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The History of Scrapbooking

When we think of the term scrapbooking, we, well most of us, almost immediately start thinking of children with crayons and construction paper, glue, glitter, stickers, cutouts and all of the 100 other things that I don’t have the luxury of mentioning. I try to shake that image from my mind but its somehow fixated on Miss Green’s Kindergarten class.

What if I were to tell you that there’s more on how to make a scrapbook that meets the eye. Oh what great joys there are to unfold, to relieve stress and tension, to revamp family history, a hobby to gather thoughts and not just pass time.
With the internet and technology being what it is today in terms of pinning and pasting and liking and sharing we can safely say that in this digital age there seems to be very little need for manual labor when all can be had by the click of a button. How we cope with this onslaught of information at our fingertips is actually quite similar to what happened back in the days with the introduction of scrapbooking.

Scrapbooks are often unique to their creators interests and can be used as a way of compiling recipes, quotations, poems, letters and a hundred more other items. It’s a creative and fun way of dressing up the old or creating your own work of art.

Scrapbooking, originally known as extra-illustrating or grangerizing started out as the practice of pasting lithographs, engravings and illustrations in books grangerizewhich actually began around 1570 in Europe where it became popular to incorporate colored plates depicting many popular European scenery.

By 1775 James Granger published a book entitled a History of England with several blank pages to the back of the book, where persons would be able to add little snippings and tid-bits of their own, thereby personalizing the book with their own memorabilia.

Basic materials used in the making of scrapbooks include but are not limited to background papers, stencils, old newspapers magazines scissors, photographs, art pens and stamps. This is a creative and fun hobby that allows persons to express themselves through various mediums, whether by images or print or by a combination of both. It allows us to pass on family legacy or little pieces of ourselves through things that we may hold dear to our hearts but nonetheless would love the opportunity to share with others for them to see, or go over so as to preserve our memories as they oftentimes create a sense or feeling of nostalgia.

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