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Book Review: What’s Going on Down There?

Bookcover: What's going on down there?

What’s Going on Down There? by Dr. Sam Siddighi, Dr. Neil Baurm, and Michelle Fitzpatrick is a detailed and simplified 304 paged book on women’s pelvic health. Women and physicians seldom divulge into pelvic health problems, which have led to countless women suffering from pelvic or vaginal reconstruction surgery related complications. To correct these complications, many women have resorted to filing mesh lawsuits as transvaginal mesh complications are among the most common. This book seeks to educate and empower women on pelvic health and thus help women understand and articulate their symptoms clearly. The book also offers useful tips on how women can improve their pelvic health.

The authors of the book are medical practitioners who are vastly experienced in women’s pelvic health. Therefore, their combined wealth of knowledge on the topic is hidden within the pages of this book. Additionally, the use of a jargon-free language that can be understood by virtually all women is a big plus. The authors took into account the prevalence of pelvic related complications among women aged 40 and above when writing the book. It is for this reason that it focuses on pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, premenstrual syndrome, vaginal prolapse among others. These complications are the number one cause of the many mesh lawsuits filed annually.

The primary goal of this book is to bring into the spotlight conditions and complications that are rarely talked about by women either due to embarrassment or lack of knowledge. Many women suffer in secret while others live with the illusion that they are fine. Unknown to some of these women there is a medical explanation for what is happening to them. Moreover, those who suffer in secret end up using huge chunks of money on diapers, pads and other such temporary remedies. For women to live comfortable lives and have a healthy pelvic area, understanding the functioning of their pelvic area is essential.

The book What’s Going on Down There? helps women understand the cause of their problems and also get medical assistance. The book demystifies the belief that aging is the cause of some of these conditions. Understanding the cause of these conditions is critical to their treatment. Thus, it is recommended for women to educate themselves on pelvic health to avoid some of these conditions and avoid being forced to file mesh lawsuits. For those who suffer from these conditions understanding their symptoms and treatment will be instrumental to them leading a pain-free life. Moreover, learning about pelvic health helps women make informed decisions about the kind of treatment that will suit them best.