Inspirational Books On Weight Loss

The journey toward losing weight can be very strenuous and filled with a lot of different emotions. There are times when you are fit and healthy and there times when you step on the scale and the number keeps on increasing. Losing weight is hard but the process can also be feet on scalesimple if various steps toward losing weight are followed consistently and persistently. Some key supplements such as forskolin for weight loss can be incorporated in your strategies and used to shed weight. Here are some of the inspirational books on weight loss that will inspire and guide you throughout the journey.

Food matters

This is an inspirational book by Mark Bittman which is a guide to conscious eating. The author Mark Bittman explains that eating healthy foods and preserving the environment go hand in hand. He further explains that eating unhealthy foods contributes to the pollution of the environment. This is a great book since it not only talks about weight loss but also talks about ways of keeping a healthy environment by eating healthy foods. The second half of the book is composed of 75 recipes used in weight loss that are both environmental and weight friendly. Some of the recipes include supplements such as Forskolin which keeps an individual full for longer and decrease body fat drastically.


This is a weight loss book based on the personal experiences of Jennette Fulda. In this book, the author talks about her human side fit bellyand honest story of how she lost half of her weight after she reached an overwhelming weight of about 372 pounds. Arguments were had, tears were shed and cakes were regretfully hidden but throughout the journey Fulda retained her genuine personality and positive tone. She also talks about some of the supplements and drugs that are effective in shedding weight such as forskolin for weight loss. A reader will incredibly connect to this book and transfer this philosophy of weight loss to their journey in shedding weight.

Born to run

This book is about super athletes, a hidden tribe and a great race the world has ever seen written by Christopher McDougall. The book explains that running should not be a boring activity and that everyone was born to run. Chris visited a famous tribe in India called the Tarahumara who ran hundreds of kilometers through the canyons barefoot every week. This was a fascinating insight to Chris and it made him view running in a completely different way than before. It showed him how significant running could be to humans and the numerous health benefits derived from it.

Thin for life

applesThis book is written by Anne Fletcher and it’s about 10 keys to success from people who have lost weight. This book is not a stereotypical diet type of book but will encourage you to change your health and lifestyle. The book is very effective because of the variety of different scenarios experienced by different people. Anne studies 160 people who mastered the art of weight loss using various methods. She explains how they did it and how it was effective in their lives. Some of the people used  Forskolin for weight loss which is very effective in reducing hunger and enhancing the reduction of body fat. This book will work for you since you have the luxury of choosing any of the 160 methods that will inspire and help you in shedding weight.


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